Leave America Now!

Dear friends, family and strangers on the internet,

The following is a great warning to all those we care about, please heed its message.

I have been doing a lot of research during the past few years, especially the past year, and I’ve discovered some things that are disturbing to say the least. To put it in the same words as one of the current presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich, “The next president will only manage the decay of the country.” I’m trying very hard to watch what I type; certain words and key-phrases could be problematic via internet – if you know what I mean.

This may very well sound crazy… but just pretend, for a moment, that this is Moscow, 1960. Pretend that it is common practice for the government to video; record; document; yes, even spy on its people; and attempt to control every aspect of their lives. This, of course, would be similar to the graphic fiction novel, which predicted many of these events that just happen to be unfolding right before our eyes. Remember reading the book or watching the movie and asking yourself: “How did this happen? Why didn’t the people revolt?” The Answer: It has been evolving over a long period of time in super slow-motion; as to not alarm or panic the masses.

Now combine that knowledge with the reality that the US Legislature recently passed a new law and signed by Obama, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012; which gives the US Government and its Agencies the Power To Detain American Citizens Indefinitely Without Due Process. This is not only a violation of the 5th, 6th, & 7th Amendments of the US Constitution; it is proof that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are No Longer in effect for the Citizens of the United States of America. Wait, when did we vote for that? Good Question! We, the People, didn’t vote on this issue; however, our so-called elected Senators and Representatives of the US Legislature and our President passed this immensely imposing new law on New Year’s eve, December 31, 2011. (It’s interesting that New Year’s eve was on a Saturday this year and most people took the day off.)

The following information may be upsetting; however, what I’m about to communicate is relevant knowledge to the signs of the times, which I believe to be truth. I am only asking that you take the time to peruse the wide variety of objective and subjective information noted in this e-mail communication: the articles, links, websites, and videos in order to give you the opportunity to discuss current events in the US and Globally; to arrive at your own personal conclusion.

This message is being sent to a wide variety of people with different levels of computer skills and knowledge. These instructions are laid out in a way for everyone to understand; if you already know the following, please disregard.

Read the instructions – DO NOT click on ANY of the links provided UNTIL you have completed at least one of the suggestions below:

• Library Computer or Public Terminal • Internet Café or Public Wi-Fi
• Download New Internet Browser • Open Links Away From Home
• DO NOT Log Into ANY Of Your Personal Accounts While At The Internet Café (i.e. McDonalds, Starbucks, School Wi-Fi etc.)

Details of above bullet-points for those who need more information: If you are able to use a computer in a local library or some other public terminal, that would be the best option. If you are unable to use that method and if you have access to a laptop, visit a free internet café or free public hotspot with Wi-Fi. Before visiting the internet café, download a new internet browser, ex. If you are using Internet Explorer for your personal use of the internet and logging into email, facebook accounts, etc. DO NOT open any of the links while logged into ANY of these personal accounts. Especially with your preferred internet browser, DO NOT open any of the links. Download a new browser, ex. Firefox (except Google Chrome, do not trust Google) to view the links. DO NOT log into ANY of your personal accounts with the new browser. By simply opening some of the links, the government may red flag your computer and/or IP Address. Be smart about this; view everything away from home if possible! Our country is now Moscow 1960 on steroids with a big helping of 1984; paranoia in the Police State is a healthy state of mind.

Search the following upper case letters only in the encrypted sentence below:
Friendly Ecumenical Management Association (space) Cyprian Anglican Monisaury Prep School

Once you search this, you will find evidence that resembles the sorrow and destruction of places like Auzwitch. Everything that comes up on your screen is 100% true; that is why we have decided to sell everything we own in order to leave the country – Furniture, Beds, Household items, PS3, Games, Jewelry, our Mercedes…everything. Everything of value we had is now gone, and by the grace of God, He delivered us out of the United States of Babylon. No worries, as the Holy Bible states in Matt 13:44-46; Matt 6:19-21; & Matt 6:25-34. I write to you all from an undisclosed location, for my safety and the safety of our gracious hosts.

Please do not disregard this message and warning; please take the time to research this information for yourselves. The local and national news broadcast companies are not telling you everything you need to know, that is a promise!

Open your eyes and see the true world we live in, recognize and acknowledge that many of our leaders have wicked intentions. They are preparing to wage civil war on Americans in the United States. They [Globalists] do not view Muslims hiding Afghan caves as the enemy; they view freedom loving patriots as the true enemy. The Federal Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, clearly stated that the Government views Veterans, the religious, and especially Christians as potential domestic terrorists. In other words, they view Patriotic Libertarians, the Militia, as the enemy; “They cling to their guns and their Bibles” as Obama said. Yes they do cling to their guns and Bibles singing “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”, because one day they will come for the patriots and the patriots will fight to the death. The men will defend their families as best they can, while many will be dragged off to camps facing their emanate demise. In January, 2012 the LA County HR 195 authorized the US Military to begin training procedures and drills to address the threat of Domestic Terrorism. Insiders communicate that they are looking for ammunition in the possession of US Citizens. Instead of confiscating guns, which would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment; they will be confiscating the ammo. I recall a few cartoons where good’ol Buggs said, “Awe, no more bowets…”

The up-side is that there is still some time, not much but enough to warn others and flee to safety. The gates are about to close and once they do, they will be closed for good. The Holy Bible states in Luke 13:22-30. Did you know that many wealth and famous individuals (Celebrities) have announced that they are moving outside the US…Why? Maybe they have been informed to move; yet they will be saddened by the destruction of America, as the Holy Bible states: Rev 18:11-19.

We discovered, the hard-way, that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to leave the country for the common US Citizen; there is a new law that requires people to have a returning (two-way) plane ticket otherwise they will not let you leave. They will not let you get on the plane without proof and documentation that you are returning to the US. Wait, since when? It was always hard to get into the US, but leaving was a snap – “Don’t let the door hit ya’ on the ass on the way out.” The US government never seemed to care if you left and if you ever came back. Now, they do ~ hmmmm, wonder why?

If you decide to leave the US, the best suggestion is to purchase a round trip ticket and simply do not use the return ticket. Often a round-trip ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket or pretty close to the same price. The key is to become a gypsy or a traveler; keep moving by boarding trains, buses and fairies. Get out of North America – Canada, US, Mexico and all islands in the Caribbean. They are about to enforce the North American Union, much like the European Union, this will eliminate the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights using a new currency called the “Amero”.

If you are able to speak Spanish fluently and are able to blend in with the people and cultures of South America, move your family south to Peru or Chile, ASAP.

If you are more able to blend into European countries, purchase a ticket to the mainland of Europe, ASAP. Once you’ve landed on the mainland, you can buy train tickets [Eurail] which travel all over Europe without having to show your passport as the EU is currently borderless. Use their system against them, hide in plain sight. Do not live in big cities, but choose small villages. Your new life will be simple and quiet, away from materialism and other worldly distractions. It will be the greatest adventure of your lives, trust that God has a better plan for you than to rot and die in a camp. He knows all of your needs and He will provide, He will lead you and bless you if you put Him first. The Holy Bible states: Phil 4:19-20. Flee from America and choose a better life through Yeshua the Messiah, with Him all things are possible. A better life is possible; you don’t have to wait to be rounded up like cattle. Through Yeshua, our Messiah, we are set apart, do not be blinded by their good looks and do not be deafened by their lies. Wake up, arise and welcome this realization of wisdom and warning. ________________________________________________
Works Cited in Document above:
In the USA, the first ten amendments to the US Constitution, incorporated in 1791:

1 guarantees freedom of worship, of speech, of the press, of assembly, and to petition the government;
2 grants the right to keep and bear arms;
3 prohibits billeting of soldiers in private homes in peacetime;
4 forbids unreasonable search and seizure;
5 guarantees none be ‘deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law’ or compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself or herself;
6 grants the right to speedy trial, to call witnesses, and to have defense counsel;
7 grants the right to trial by jury of one’s peers;
8 prevents the infliction of excessive bail or fines, or ‘cruel and unusual punishment’;
9, 10 provide a safeguard to the states and people for all rights not specifically delegated to the central government.

Not originally part of the draft of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights was put forward during the period of ratification (final approval) of the Constitution. Twelve amendments were proposed by Congress in 1789; the ten now called the Bill of Rights were ratified in 1791. © RM 2012. Helicon Publishing is division of RM. _______________________________________________________________
“The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012[1] was signed into United States law on December 31, 2011 by President Barack Obama,[2][3] The Act authorizes $662 billion [4] in funding, among other things “for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad.” In a signing statement, President Obama described the Act as addressing national security programs, Department of Defense health care costs, counter-terrorism within the U.S. and abroad, and military modernization.[5][6] The Act also imposes new economic sanctions against Iran (section 1045), commissions reviews of the military capabilities of countries such as Iran, China, and Russia,[7] and refocuses the strategic goals of NATO towards energy security.[8] The most controversial provisions to receive wide attention are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled “Counter-Terrorism.” In particular, sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism, have generated controversy as to their legal meaning and their potential implications for abuse of Presidential authority. Although the White House[9] and Senate sponsors[10] maintain that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention, the Act states that Congress “affirms” this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority.[11][12] The detention provisions of the Act have received critical attention by, among others, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and some media sources which are concerned about the scope of the President’s authority, including contentions that those whom they claim may be held indefinitely could include U.S. citizens arrested on American soil, including arrests by members of the Armed Forces.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Defense_Authorization_Act_for_Fiscal_Year_2012 http://www.ndaa.org/
Obama Signs Martial Law in 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sRIpi-ngtc  ______________________________________________________________ Recommended Information, Websites, Videos, and Links to peruse: This is the first sign that God’s Chosen are once again being attacked; and if His Chosen are attacked so is the everlasting Covenant established with His people.
Fired Occupy LA Teacher Patricia McAllister Wants to Run Jews Out of the Country

The groups and individuals who support the OWS movement are as follows:
Nanci Pelosi
George Soros
The American Nazi Party
The American Communist Party
Chabad and other Jewish Institutions
American Islamic groups and Institutions
and many others.

OWS: Occupy Wall Street Leftist Anti-Semitism Roots Explained & Connected to Other Fascists

While anti-Semitism is present, we see that there are honorable people who stand against such injustices.
Anti-Google Zionist Protester Gets Protested at Occupy Wall St. http://youtu.be/s83nxsiwFrQ

This is a blatant agenda supported by OWS (behind closed doors) and ultimately supported by the movement’s donors, which include George Soros and other globalists.

Communist Jed Brandt: We Need To Destroy The United States (Occupy Wall Street)

This is the first step towards public executions and the “return of the guillotine”. This is also prophesized in the book of Revelations:
Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants To Execute “White Collar Criminals” http://youtu.be/Qs9PuXJZUIY

Roseanne Barr recently appeared in a multi-million dollar ad by Snickers which contradicts her personal views on corporations and the people who run them. According to her beliefs, she would have people sent to re-education centers. If these individuals weren’t able to be turned or re-educated, she would just assume that they be killed via guillotine and made into examples. This clearly ties into the Government’s agenda of camps and mass executions using modern guillotines. What is extremely sad is the fact that Roseanne is Jewish, the Jewish people have had to endure this once how dare she suggest a similar fate on a national level knowing the horrors of the Holocaust. SNICKERS – “Logging”

Roseanne Barr – “Return The Guillotine! Free Murderers Teach Children To Be Bullies With Guns!” http://youtu.be/fYcTXzY6m7o

While announcing that people will be sent to labor camps, she is the one calling for the “return of the guillotine”. She is part of the elite, the globalists; she is a puppet. Roseanne Barr appears at Occupy Wall Street protest. http://youtu.be/ZyoRcEF6ox8

Reference Site http://noah.simonstudio.com/search/label/OWS#uds-search-results

Are the “Occupy” movements created by CIA, to speed up the NWO?? (Part 1) http://youtu.be/8_6zaObmEe4
Are the “Occupy” movements created by CIA, to speed up the NWO?? (Part 2) http://youtu.be/OIaGeow68iU

Location of Elites secret 2012 base, share!


New World Order 2012 Illuminati Fema Concentration Camps http://youtu.be/3hwBlcaFHiM


Get Out of America – JUST LEAVE!! Before It’s too Late!!!
“If Ben Bernanke agrees with them then the NWO supports America becoming violent and then they can bring in their real agenda – martial law. America wake up to what is really going on.” Comment on YouTube video about OWS and globalist agendas

They will try to deceive you through New Age deceptions, Do Not Fall for these Ridiculous Lies! They have worked hard to desensitize the people through sci-fi and apocalyptic movies and TV shows, trying to convince the public that travelers from other worlds are real. The Government wants people to believe in the existence of aliens, they will try to convince you that an alien invasion is emanate. They will use this reason to convince people to hurry to a local FEMA Disaster Center, do not believe them. Wherever the Government tells you to go, run in the opposite direction. Do not fall for their lies; this is just super crazy shit going on here, people and this is a warning. Don’t believe this stupid stuff like this next link!

Earth is Becoming a Star | 21 Dec 2012 – 21 Mar 2013|

If you go to Greece, DO NOT visit the Northern part of the country. If the people of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia wage civil war with Greece over Thessaloniki and other cities, you DO NOT want to be anywhere north of Athens.
Nazi – FYROMians: We will take Thessaloniki

Officer Jack McLamb Exposes FEMA Death Camps & mailbox dots. He also confirms 911 was an inside job

Proof of the mailboxes stickers

Executive Order 13528 Establishment of the Council of Governors
* Signed: January 11, 2010 * Federal Register page and date: 75 FR 2053, January 14, 2010 President Obama, using the National Defense Act of 2008 (PL 110-181) and claiming to “strengthen…the partnership between the Federal Government and State governments to protect our Nation and its people and property…” ordered a Council of Governors.

The council is an advisory group to the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and the President and includes the topics of “civil support” and “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States.”

Ten Military Districts were created. The Council seems to be designed to repel foreign invasion, or against US citizens. “Is this a first step towards Martial Law, or a tie to the InterPol, RAND National Police Force stuff we’ve been hearing about,” asked a Texas patriot who tipped off Canada Free Press (CFP) after finding news of the new Council of Governors on Twitter. “Is this a sort of Homeland Security Politburo? Military Districts and the Council of Governors Rex 84


The Council of Governor’s consists of 10 governors, and 8 federal appointees. The 10 Governor’s represent the respective 10 FEMA regions within the country. Council members 2010-2011
Executive Director ? Co-Chair James Douglas Vermont Republican FEMA Region I Co-Chair Chris Gregoire Washington Democrat FEMA Region X Member Luis Fortuño Puerto Rico NPP/Republican FEMA Region II Member Robert McDonnell Virginia Republican FEMA Region III Member Martin O’Malley Maryland Democrat FEMA Region III Member Beverly Perdue North Carolina Democrat FEMA Region IV Member Brad Henry Oklahoma Democrat FEMA Region VI Member Jay Nixon Missouri Democrat FEMA Region VII Member Michael Rounds South Dakota Republican FEMA Region VIII Member Janice Brewer Arizona Republican FEMA Region IX Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates Federal Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano Federal Asst to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John O. Brennan Federal Asst to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, Valerie Jarrett Federal Asst Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs, Paul N. Stockton Federal USNORTHCOM Commander, Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr. Federal Commandant US Coast Guard, Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr. Federal Chief National Guard Bureau, Craig R. McKinley Federal

Notice two names on the list: Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano and Asst to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, Valerie Jarrett

Napolitano is the same person whom: “sent a nine-page warning memo to law-enforcement offices across the country titled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” Washington Post

Alex Jones – 10 Regions – Conspiracy Theory
RFID Chips & Obama’s Council of 10


NWO GPS Marking Americans Doors For Coming Martial Law http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=D-Mo8Klw9lQ

Other Interesting cultural facts, just in case you were interested how strange and demented the US has become:
Cannibalism in America:

Many of these links may disappear soon, perhaps even this site will one day be taken offline. Why you ask? We recently found more information regarding drastic changes to the national and global laws.
• The SOPA – Stop Online Privacy Act, House Bill # 3261, introduced on Oct 26, 2011 (Please see link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOPA). • The PIPA Act – Protect IP Act, Senate Bill # 968, introduced on May 21, 2011 (Please see link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protect_IP_Act).
At first glance, it seems to make since to protect the intellectual property rights of those who created new products and services. In fact, the Motion Picture and Music industry are indorsing these new laws stating that they have been basically “robbed” of profits, due to Internet piracy. In the US these first two laws have been proposed into the US Legislature to lay the ground work / foundation for the new Global Agreement, listed below. The PROTECT IP Act says that an “information location tool shall take technically feasible and reasonable measures, as expeditiously as possible, to remove or disable access to the Internet site associated with the domain name set forth in the order”. In addition, it must delete all hyperlinks to the offending “Internet site”. Ok, this sounds reasonable until the public discovers the details and the criminal ramifications of these new global laws, making it a criminal offence to possess and share a copy of anything that has been copyrighted.

This includes: books, magazines, news paper articles, links, music, photos, graphics, logos, trademarks, tag-lines, phrases, and parts of sentences. This will criminalize Generic Medications. Wait, are you kidding me? Yes, Virginia this is part of the new Global Trade Agreement, ACTA. What in the world is that going to do all the poor people who really need their medications? What do you think will happen to all the people in Africa who are taking Generic Aids Meds? What you do you think will happen to all the Senior Citizens all over the world, who depend upon the low-cost of Generic meds everyday?

If you look online, just a little bit, you will see many European Citizens are very angry and beginning to protest these new laws due to the horrible and deadly ramifications of these new developments. (I believe Mexico is one of the few countries which has really fought against this and currently states that they will not participate in the ACTA law.) If there was ever a time for the Citizens of the US to wake up and take notice; it is now! Instead, the US news broadcast networks are keeping the masses occupied with the Republican debates; which are nothing more than mud-slinging and the old family saying: “Choosing up Sides and Smelling Armpits!”

This new set of laws applies to the average Citizen who has down-loaded a song off of the Internet to put on their IPod. Do you still have the receipt proving you purchased that song? Or might you be judged Guilty of online Piracy? You may need to find a copy of those receipts or you will need to delete anything and everything you cannot prove you paid for! Do you get that? Everything you have copied off of the Internet is possibly illegal contraband in the near future. Holy Xerox, Bat Man!

This slippery-slope can be taken so far to make petitions and protests illegal, by using the same phrasing, paraphrasing, slogan, logo, etc. This has the potential to destroy if not cripple of the vast amounts of Internet Business sites (e.g., Fandango. com, Priceline.com, Orbits.com, CheepTicket.com, etc.) All of these sites utilize logos and trademarks of registered products and services. This has the potential to adversely affect and fiscally damage all Internet or Web-based businesses. This will include all independent artists, music, prints, copies, photos, graphics, etc.

I have no idea how anyone will be able to write a term-paper for school under the new laws if you can’t include a quote or a link to an online site? Anyone who has made money from promoting a product or a service online will be affected by the new laws and it will affect the average citizen as well. For example: You see a funny T-Shirt advertised on a website and you want to tell your friend to click on the link, which is enclosed in your e-mail note, to check-it-out or to purchase the T-Shirt; you have just violated this new law by copying the link. I know this sounds crazy! Basically, these new laws don’t just go after the commoner to control what they have access to; it attacks the individuals who have become independently wealthy, due to their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

We ran across a newly established Church in Sweden and we thought it was completely off the hook of reality; until we learned about the new global ACTA – then, it all made sense.
The Church of Kopimism is recognized by the state of Sweden. http://kopimistsamfundet.se/ Just before Christmas, the Swedish governmental agency Kammarkollegiet registered the Church of Kopimism as a religious organization. This means that Sweden is the first country to recognize kopimism as a religion.

These people were looking for a loop-hole to protect themselves and their families from being arrested and put in prison by establishing an actual religion, which allows them to copy shit; really? People feel the need to go to this extent? Both of the above House and Senate Bills are to establish the ground work / foundation to support the agreement of the new Global Agreement, which the US already signed on Oct 1, 2011. By having the two foundation laws in place, it is anticipated that approving the ACTA will not need to be brought before the US Legislature prior to implementation.

• The new global ACTA – Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, drafted on Nov 15, 2010; formal publication on April 15, 2011; and signed on Oct 1, 2011 in Tokyo by several global nations including: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Morocco. In January, 2012 the EU signed this new global trade agreement, making the total 31 sovereign nations in the global community. ACTA Documentation, Sept 29, 2011by InfoJustice.org: http://infojustice.org/archives/5699 ACTA Documentation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement Google.com just announced that they will be tracking and monitoring all online activity by all of its end-users. The new laws clearly state that the ACTA Committee over-seeing the Global Community has the authority to limit access of the end-users by determining access permission levels / security levels; disable or remove Internet sites; and establish a new level of Internet control for the general public in the Global Community.

A long time ago, it was explained to me that the Internet is like a network of train stations and the search engines enabled the trains to stop at different stations. I was also told that not all trains go to every station, all the time. This framework opened up an opportunity to communicate and research sites all over the world. People have spent millions of hours up-loading all sorts of historical data, research data, personal data, photos, graphics, music, movies, TV shows, etc, etc, etc. Some of it has been amazing and educational; while, other things have turned out to be disturbing. Never-the-less, it really has been a platform promoting the concept of “Freedom of Speech” beyond our wildest dreams! I believe this Freedom is about to be squashed in a way that will be fiscally and emotionally devastating to many people, especially for the younger generation who have never known a world without this freedom of information.

I believe the new laws will be locking-down the access and /or just simply closing many “train stations” on the Interwebs. Do you remember that the Egyptian Government shut-down the Internet in response to the Egyptian Citizens utilized the Social-Network cites to communicate their protest activities during the Arab-Spring, 2011? Many of us were surprised that an independent government could shut down the Internet to its citizens. Originally, we were all told that the Internet / Interwebs belonged to the citizens of the world. Maybe some of these types of events are just training exercises or Beta-Test sites to determine the global outcomes and community responses?

Things will only grow more and more wicked – leave Babylon (America) while you still can! This calling or desire, along with all of the evidence of dramatic change in the world currently, we made a decision to sell everything of value to go on a pilgrimage seeking the original message of the Way and to find the place we are destined to be a blessing to other people. The Holy Bible states in: Joel 2:12, Return to the Lord with all your heart. Amos 3:7 He reveals His plan and in Luke 21:34-36 Keep Watch and be ready to escape. Rev 18.4, Come out of her [Babylon]. Matt 10:16-18; 21-23, When you are persecuted, Flee! Matt 11:25, Rest for the Weary. Phil 4:19-20,Don’t worry what you will wear or eat; the Lord will provide all your needs. Oh yeah, did you know that the Holy Bible states, “Do Not Be Afraid / Fear Not” at total of 365 times – one for each day, Dude! I remember studying Bible Prophesy regarding the End times in Revelations, Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew, Luke, John, Mark (there are probably more references).

I remember reading in Ezekiel 37:21 that the Lord God will gather all His People from around the world to come home; which is exactly what happened in 1948. The establishment of the sovereign nation of Israel was the beginning of the clock starting again, for the chosen children of God had been restored to the land of Canaan; given to the seed of Abraham. I thought it was amazing how this land began to become fertile, green, and lush again after nearly 2000 years of dry desert. Obviously, the original owners came home, Praise the Lord Yeshua! Ezekiel 38 and 39 go into a very detailed description of a great battle involving many nations coming against Israel. Each time I read the Word, I learn new things and see new things I hadn’t seen or understood before. It really is a Living Word. Recently, I was reading Ezekiel and noticed something I hadn’t before at the end of Ezekiel 39:25-29, it states a similar home-coming as it did in Ezekiel 37. Now, many times the Bible it states “first the Jew and then the Gentile”.

I believe the second reference is calling home the rest of the beloved children of God out of the nations. Joel 2:28-32, call on the Lord and you will be saved, Mt. Zion will be your deliverance. Daniel 11:30-35, discusses end-time prophesy that a particular area (Kittim) will oppose the Kings of the North and not go along with the battle plans against Israel to desecrate the Temple and set up the abomination that causes desolation. We are suggesting that many will go to Kittim to wait out the great battle that is coming, then return to our homeland of our God, our Lord Yeshua, and our Faith.

Honestly, I have been homesick for over 30 years and I’ve forgotten where home is after all this time. Yeshua, our Messiah is our home; He is the Light, the Truth and the Way [home]. I sincerely hope and pray that we will have the opportunity to see each other again, if not now; then see you on the other side. I would rather fight the good fight and stand strong in my Armor of God, as stated in Eph 6: 10-18 than, be drug off by men in black and put on a train bound for a camp or a re-education center, as they sometimes will call them.

Wouldn’t you? Well, that is the question. What do you believe? Whether you call upon the Lord, the Son of God, as Jesus Christ or Yeshua the Messiah, know that the end of The Age is near. Flee out of Babylon, as it says “come out of her” and go to Kittim. Don’t worry about your luggage and don’t worry about your needs. God knows what you need and if you put Him first, He will provide. Your faith in Him has healed you, your faith in Him will guide you. Follow the Way and all things will be made clear.

In the book of Revelation Yeshua addresses the seven churches in Asia, one of those churches being the church in Philadelphia: “Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” Rev 3:10 Search for the ancient church of Philadelphia and know this will provide sanctuary when the world is consumed in chaos. The kingdom of God is at hand, trust in Him to lead you out Babylon (America) and His truths will become clear. His glory and grace will bring forth a great awakening, enlightenment of truth without the lies and decpetions of the world.

Biggest Discovery Ever Found! THE BLOOD OF YEHSHUA THE MESSIAH!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqitNsqXsUs&feature=player_profilepage
The Ark of the covenant found – now revealed the blood of Christ on the mercy seat – Documentary http://youtu.be/9DKgpHLZs28

Please feel free to copy and paste everything here on your own website(s) or email a copy to friends and family. Spread this knowledge and hope more will awaken from their slumber. May the God of Israel, who gave His only Begotten Son, bless you and keep you always. -Shalom in Yeshua